LU Strategy Internships

LU Strategy Internships

Over a 3-year period from 2021-24, Leaders Unlocked is offering 20 young adults the chance to take part in high-quality, paid strategy internships to support our growth as an organisation.

The internship programme is open to young adults who have taken part in one or more of our projects. On the programme, each intern has the opportunity to develop their own innovative project to address a growth area for Leaders Unlocked.

Internship projects can focus on one or more of the following growth areas:

So far, interns have developed an impressive range of projects addressing urgent social issues such as county lives, the care system, discrimination, youth poverty, mental health and youth justice.

“The difference my internship has made is by giving young Black women the voice and control of the narrative of discrimination. Being able to be at the forefront of change and discussions.”


How it works

Each internship is made up of 48 days, which can be spread over a year or 6-month period.

Internships can be done remotely from any location in the UK.

While on the programme, interns take part in the following activities:

  • Regular one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced coach
  • Monthly group meetings to foster peer support
  • A residential event to share project pitches and take part in ‘hothouse’ discussions to strengthen project development
  • Independent work to plan and deliver the projects
  • Presenting their work to external audiences


Many young adults struggle to access high-quality and well-paid work opportunities, Often, their only option is low-skilled and low-paid work. When internships are offered, many are unpaid or poorly paid, and not accessible to young people in diverse communities across the UK.

Leaders Unlocked wants to play a role in promoting a good practice model for internships, and encourage other organisations to learn from, and consider adopting, the model we’ve developed.

Get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved with the work we do at Leaders Unlocked, please do send us a message via our contact us page. We are always keen to hear from young people who may want to take part in our projects, as well as professionals who may want to collaborate.

More than 65% of our
staff came from Leaders Unlocked projects

As a person of colour, I have had racially unjust experiences which affected my view of the world. Being part of the Student Commission on Racial Justice has helped me, to help people like me, feel that they belong.