The Political Academy

The Political Academy aims to close the gap between young people and politics in Britain.

By involving young people in a range of practical campaigns, the Academy makes politics relevant to their own lives, inspiring deeper engagement and bringing a larger array of young voices into the political arena.

How it works

Since 2010, The Political Academy has built up a network of young, politically-curious individuals across the UK. Our members are diverse, with many from backgrounds not widely associated with political ambitions. Regardless of where they’re from, they all have one thing in common: a passion to engage with politics, have their say and motivate others to do the same.

Harnessing this network, the Political Academy spearheads youth-led research into major political issues. From canvassing young opinion on the Alternative Vote (AV) to examining the root causes behind the UK’s 2011 riots, The Political Academy is helping young people get to grips with politics in a way that makes sense for them, delivering high-quality research in the process.


The Political Academy believes politics should be accessible to everyone, whatever their background.

But for many young people, the political world seems out-of-touch and intimidating. What’s more, those who are switched on can face overwhelming barriers to entry, and feel they can’t contribute in a meaningful way without the right qualifications or connections.

The Political Academy helps young people channel their real, raw opinions on politics in a constructive way. Our campaigns raise awareness about citizen rights and provide hands-on experience of how the political debate and reality overlap, and how young people can have an impact on both.

We’re currently on the hunt for new partners for Political Academy projects. Please contact us if you’d like to be involved.

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