Race and the Criminal Justice System

This is the first report from the T2A (Transition to Adulthood) Young Adult Advisory Group – an innovative project giving young adults a voice on the criminal justice system. The project was supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust.

The T2A Young Adult Advisory Group chose Race and Criminal Justice as their first priority. This Group chose this priority because they felt passionate about this issue and because it tied in to a number of current national developments, such as the Lammy Review and the Young Review.

The project report details the findings from peer-to-peer research carried with 90 young adults across the country – including peer interviews in prisons, focus groups with Youth Offending Teams, homeless organisations and community groups.

The Group’s aims were to:

Gather personal testimonies from BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) young adults of their experiences of policing and criminal justice.

Understand whether, and how, participants feel their racial, ethnic and religious identity affected these experiences.

Explore participants’ views on trust in the CJS.

Involve participants in the development of solutions for policy makers.



"It’s not very often that organisations who are able to actually let smaller communities and towns outside of London have the opportunity to actually say ‘this is what we want and this is what we want changed’."