LOOP is the student-driven review and rating system for schools and colleges, which aims to make education more transparent and fair for all. LOOP provides training to equip students to give constructive feedback. To view the LOOP platform go to www.loop.uk.com


How it works

LOOP has so far been a success in over 30 Further Education colleges and sixth forms, and is rapidly expanding within London and elsewhere. To find out more about how LOOP could help your institution, get in touch.

LOOP is all about turning feedback into action: Actively listening to student views and collaborating with them to turn feedback into practical actions that make a positive difference in their place of education. Our method involves:

  • Training workshops to gather constructive feedback from a diverse spectrum of students, with a special focus on hearing from ‘the silent majority’ who do not normally speak out. Student representatives are empowered to pass on training to other students, creating a legacy of personal development.
  • The LOOP platform allows students to review and give star ratings of the most important aspects of their education experience, including teaching quality, support, careers advice, and facilities. Their reviews celebrate good practice, whilst also putting the spotlight on areas that need improvement.
  • Solutions Workshops in the summer term bring managers, staff and students together to analyse feedback and develop conclusions and recommendations for change. As a result, LOOP provides the institution with a detailed final report containing quantitative and qualitative data from student feedback.
  • The LOOP Awards: Our annual LOOP Awards, which are judged by students themselves, recognise excellent practice in a range of areas from teaching to careers advice.


We believe every student is an expert in their own experience. Their views deserve to be heard and valued, and should drive improvements that benefit everyone. LOOP is a platform for students to co-own positive transformations in their school or college, inspiring confidence in change and drastically improving relations with staff in the process.

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